Contact Information:

Sergio Argilés Seguí

Degree Thesis Presentation at “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Barcelona”.

Architectural studies at “Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.


Architectural Studies at “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona.”

“General Studies” course at Universidad de Costa Rica.

Mixed secondary school diploma: Costa Rican “Bachillerato” and American High School (valid in U.S.A.) at Lincoln High School, San José, Costa Rica.
Title (Costa Rica): http://goo.gl/PlW9u

Courses, workshops and Seminars:


Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE) at the FIDAS foundation. Web: www.fidas.es

Basic Course in General Photography at Cobertura Photo.
Certificate: http://goo.gl/6adYj

The New Building Code (Nuevo Código Técnico de la Edificación) at the Instituto Eduardo Torroja (Madrid) and “Structuralia” (Online).
Certificate: http://goo.gl/UNQKl

3D Studio Max course Level 2 (animation and Lighting), at DTC Ingeniería y Arquitectura, La Salle University, Barcelona.
Certificate: http://goo.gl/4Ffjv

3D Studio Max course Level 1 (animation and Lighting), at DTC Ingeniería y Arquitectura, La Salle University, Barcelona.

AutoCAD, at SICAD, en San José, Costa Rica.

Professional Experience:

September 2009- present
Founding partner, ZOO Arquitectos, Seville, Spain
Tasks: Client search, project design, building inspections (ITE), competitions, search for new business opportunities.

October 2007- January 2009
Project Architect, at the Creativity Department at Planho Consultores of Seville, Spain.  
Tasks: Coordination for the project for the General Hospital at Managua’s West Sector, Nicaragua. Other responsibilities included tasks in developing preliminary projects and studies for building several hospitals in Andalusia.
Certificate: http://goo.gl/eIlkw

June 2006-August 2007
Project Architect, at the Design Department at Eddea Arquitectura y Urbanismo (previously DeCya) of Seville, Spain.  Tasks: development of  preliminary designs and construction documents phase for housing project types.
Other tasks: Adapting the studio’s project templates to the new Spanish building codes (Código Técnico de la Edificación).
External audits for the studio’s “Comprehensive Project Management Division”  (Iddip)        
Certificate: http://goo.gl/EZ1lt

January 2003-March 2006
Project Leader at Estudio de Arquitectura
Serra & López in Terrassa, Barcelona.
Tasks: development and coordination of the design and construction of different types of housing buildings. Tasks carried out included periodical construction site visits, and Studio’s – owner relationships.

October 2002-January 2003
Assistant architect at SITE Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Tasks: Development of preliminary design and construction plans for different housing projects, and warehouses.

March 2001- July 2002:
Assistant architect at OAA S.C.P. (Armando García, Ferran Cardenyes y Carles Jové)
Tasks:  Collaboration in competitions for sports centers and public housing.

August 1999 - May 2000:
Student practice at MAP architects (Jose Luis Mateo)
Tasks: Collaboration in competitions and development of construction plans for housing buildings.

October 1998 – June 1999:
Work as intern at the “Departamento de Patrimonio” (Heritage department) of the “Consorcio del Área Metropolitana de Barcelona” (Consortium of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area)
Tasks: digitalizing, organizing and composing the Consortium’s  Real Estate Properties Catalog.
Extra Duties: document and supervise the demolition of a warehouse at Molins de Rei.

July and August, 1995:
Assistant to Mr. Johnny Bermúdez, Civil Engineer and constructor.
Duties: Site management and supervision of the building of two housing blocks in San José, Costa Rica.


Mother language

High proficiency in written and spoken language (thirteen years of studies at Lincoln High School, a bilingual American institution in San José Costa Rica: www.lincoln.ed.cr) Certificate: http://goo.gl/wYEse

High proficiency Spoken and read. Basic knowledge of the written language.

Spoken, read and written (middle level: “Mittelstuffe II”)
Certificate: http://goo.gl/E7lRA

Computer :

CAD skills:
AutoCAD 2007 (2D and 3D):
15 years
Adobe Photoshop:
10 years
Camera Raw:
1 year
Adobe Lightroom:
1 year
3D Studio Max:
1 year
Google Sketchup with Vray
1 year

Office software :
Microsoft Word
15 years
Microsoft Excel
10 years
Microsoft Project
2 years

Internet tools:
Web design with MS Expression Web, Blogger, Wordpress.
General use of search tools, web positioning (Yahoo, Bing, Google, DMOZ), Google Analytics.

Other relevant information:

§  Member of the Sevilla Association of Architects (COAS), affiliation nº6524
§  Photography knowledge: digital photography, reflex camera and flash use, digital post processing.  http://goo.gl/9Nu5u  
Sevilla, March 1st 2010

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